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pancetta coppata
Pancetta coppata

Pancetta coppata

Rolled bacon




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Pancetta or Rigatino Across Italy Pork Fatty meat from the pig's belly, shaped in rectangles or coiled. Essentially it is un-smoked bacon; it is served raw as an antipasto or cooked in numerous dishes.


The name for this cut of meat comes from the word pancia for belly. Pancetta is used widely in recipes such as spaghetti carbonara, and the bases of many soups, risottos and stews. It is also eaten in panini and antipasti on its own or with other cured meats and cheese.

Superior to the traditional pancetta the "pancetta coppata" salumi uses both the neck and the belly of pork. The "coppa" is rolled with "pancetta" lightly seasoned and matured for up to one month in temperature controlled cellars.

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