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Lazio - Latium Salami


Lazio charcuterie tradition is set mainly the processing of meat and whole lot less on real sausages. Important are the hams that have characteristics of compactness and flavor similar to Tuscany and Umbria, and processing of whole pieces of the animal, which differs from that of similar regions. Capocolli good, therefore, better and above all that bacon fat is essential for a real pasta carbonara.


Cacciatorini DOP
Pork Salami
Cacciatorini sausages are popular for their characteristic taste and small size, which is quickly seasoned and can always be consumed fresh, since eaten quickly one at a time. Moreover, the name of this sausage derives exactly from a widespread rural use of hunters who used to bring short sausages with them in their excursions because, considering their reduced size, they could place them easily in their sacks.
Pork Salami

Capocollo or loin is one of the most traditional products of the Provinces of Rome, Rieti, Viterbo, and Frosinone. It is often mentioned in treatise dedicated to wine and gastronomy, and can be found in the local norcinerie.

Coppiette Ciociare
Pork Salami
Initially made of horse and now of pork, these strips of spiced and seasoned meat are sold coupled, hanging from a string.
Pork Salami
The meat from the cheek and throat of a pig is salted, rubbed with pepper, and aged; less fatty than Pancetta, which is made from the belly of a pig, it is cooked in pasta sauces, with vegetables, and more.
Mortadellina Amatriciana
Pork Salami
Sausages of finely ground pork threaded with a thick strip of lard; smoked and aged up to 3 months.
Pork Salami
Fatty meat from the pig's belly, shaped in rectangles or coiled. Essentially it is un-smoked bacon; it is served raw as an antipasto or cooked in numerous dishes.
Porchetta di Ariccia
Pork Salami
Spit-roasted pork flavored with garlic, pepper, and wild fennel.
Prosciutto di Bassiano
Pork Salami
Ham rubbed with a mixture of white wine, garlic, and pepper, aged at least 1 year.
Prosciutto di Cinghiale
Wild boar
An intensely flavorful ham made usually sold with the bristle still on and the hoof still intact.
Prosciutto di Guarcino
Pork Salami
Hams flavored with red wine, lard, chili, and spices; aged up to 16 months.
Prosciutto Romano
Pork Salami
Ham from the province of Rome.
Salsiccia di Monte San Biagio
Pork Salami

Pork sausage seasoned with salt, chili pepper, coriander, have a length of 10 cm sometimes conserved in olive oil.
Salsiccia sott'olio
Pork Salami
Sausages conserved in olive oil.
Pork Salami
Loin flavored with garlic and pepper; tied like a salami and aged.

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