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In Puglia, noble and humble cuts of pork are ground or chopped by hand to create a vast array of tempting cured meats. Some are best hot off the grill, and others are tastiest munched in the company of rustic bread as an antipasto or light lunch.


The raising of pigs, secular tradition in the farms of Puglia, has led to a production of meats and sausages of good quality in the region. The production area more interesting is that of the Subappennino Foggia, where you determine the ideal climate conditions for the proper maturation of the products. There is a tradition of hams in Puglia: the meat is usually minced whole or cut into "at knife point" for making sausages, the whole pieces that are mostly processed are capocollo and fat. Furthermore, very often pork meats are combined with those of calf and sheep in a mixture that makes sausages Puglia unique.

Pork Salami
Pork Salami shoulder and neck stuffed into pork bladder, amply spiced; sometimes smoked or conserved in olive oil or flavored with cooked wine.
Cervellata Pugliese
Pork with the possible addition of veal
Sausage made of pork, or pork and veal; flavored with cooked wine and fennel seeds, often grilled.
It 'a very old product from the "cucina povera", the one that lets you use the products less expensive butcher with significant results in the flavors.
Lamb offal (or goat)
Also called Cazzmar, is a classic Southern cuisine, an extraordinary rustic food made of lamb offal (or goat) wrapped in the same net and associated with animal guts: everything is served with boiled eggs, diced sausage and pecorino grated fresh.
Pork Salami
Fatty meat from the pig's belly, shaped in rectangles or coiled. Essentially it is un-smoked bacon; it is served raw as an antipasto or cooked in numerous dishes.
Salsiccia di Lecce
Pork and beef
Sausage enriched with Pancetta (unsmoked bacon); flavored with white wine, cinnamon, cloves, and lemon zest.
Salsiccia Pugliese
Pork Salami
The mixture of pork fat and seconds is processed with salt, black peppercorns, fennel seeds, stuffed into natural casings and left to smoke for several days before maturation.
Sanguinaccio di Lecce
Pork Salami
Blood and brain sausage; typically eaten boiled or grilled.
Soppressata di Martina Franca
Pork Salami
The Lean pork (leg and shoulder) and a 10% fat are cut by a knife and season with salt, pepper and wine. The mixture is allowed to rest for half a day and then stuffed into casings pork fat.

It is very special because it is a sausage made with the tuna belly.

As the name suggests, should be from Taranto (which is certainly the oldest place of disposal), but is produced throughout the South.

Pork, beef, and lamb
Long sausages made meat trimmings; often flavored with grated Pecorino or fennel seeds and best on the grill.

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