Grosseto and Siena, Tuscany

ammazzafegato – Photo & text ARSIA

1. Product Name:

2. Synonyms:

3. Description of product:
It has the characteristic shape of a sausage and dark red. The smell is pungent, spicy flavor.

4. Territory concerned to the production:
It is produced throughout the province of Grosseto and Siena.

5. Production note:
at risk

6. Description of processes:
Various parts of the pig are used to produce to make ammazzafegato, including the striated muscles, liver, tongue, spleen, heart and kidneys. Selected meat are ground, mixed with other ingredients (salt, pepper, red pepper, garlic), stuffed into natural casings and then left to mature.

7. Materials, equipment and premises used for the production:
s Cutting Tools
s choppers
s Mixer
s bagging
s room for aging

8. Observations on the traditional, the uniformity of distribution over time and the Persistence of production rules:
The ammazzafegato is produced following a traditional technique of processing and using only local meat farms. It is eaten as an appetizer or as main course paired with wine.

9. Production:
Production is mainly concentrated in the Amiata area of Siena and Grosseto, is a typical salami of the winter period which is produced mainly in small butcher locali.Si estimated annual production of 200 tons.