It is defined as a “poor” traditional dish that uses only local raw materials, a legacy of peasant culture, which has always used wisely sensed any product, even those that are considered waste elsewhere. Ammugliatielli is the case, the tasty rolls lamb entrails, a typical inland areas of Campania, in particular the Campano-Lucano. Because of the geographical extent of their spread, the recipe and name vary slightly: in fact, called “mugliatieddu”, “glummarieddi”, “migliatielli” or “migliatieddi”, terms which, however, all derived from “mugliatiello” “ball” because remember a ball in form, whether the gesture is needed to prepare them, similar to what is done to wrap the wool.

The ammugliatielli are, basically, the entrails of lamb infant wrapped in a wooden stick, together, optionally, garlic, parsley, cheese and chili. All variants of the recipe include the entrails are washed carefully to avoid transmission of diseases to humans (though the lambs are used in newborns and have, therefore, ingested milk alone, which excludes almost all the viruses transmissible to humans, may be eliminated by cooking) for a few hours immersed in water and citrus peels and dry, only to be partly used as a base for stuffing with cheese, sweetbreads, parsley and garlic, or citrus only . The remainder is used to close the rolls. The ammugliatielli eat mostly grilled, although they can be cooked in various ways.