Bale d’Aso

Monastero di Vasco, Cuneo, Piedmont

Bale d’Aso

A charcuterie tradition of Monastero di Vasco, common in the Piedmont province of Cuneo, is the Bale d’Aso, dialect for donkey balls. And ’round a sausage shape, similar to a knuckle, and consists of a coarse mixture of meat of various species, and whose hand-sewn shell is the tripe of cattle.

It was originally made with pure meat ass, but today this meat is packed with a mixture of minced pork, beef and mules to which you add salt, pepper, nutmeg, herbs and red wine.

Once stuffed into rind cow, the Bale d’Aso can be eaten after boiling in water.

The Bale d’Aso are part of the Ark of Taste, Slow Food Foundation project that collects small productions of gastronomic excellence threatened by industrial production, environmental degradation, and the homologation of the marketplace.