Biroldo delle Alpi Apuane

Massa Carrara, Tuscany

Biroldo delle Alpi Apuane

Traditional salami typical of the province of Massa Carrara, produced between September and April.

It’s a cooked sausage salami, eaten fresh from the ears, nose, heart, lungs, pork rind boiled and chopped, mixed with diced bacon, pig’s blood, salt, spices (fennel seeds, nutmeg , pepper and cinnamon, but the possible composition and quantity vary from manufacturer to manufacturer) stuffed pig’s stomach (called a “bozzetto”).

It is a treat for refined tastes who appreciate details, even when the result of the less valuable the pig. It is prepared with pig’s head meat boiled together at heart, tongue, rind and fat, all is manually crushed, mixed with blood is spiked with all the spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, etc..) Salt and pepper. When everything is well mixed is stuffed pig’s stomach and boiled very slowly. It eats mostly cold, spread on bread.

Generally crescent shaped coarse crushed back-ventrally, without excluding other forms of variable size.

The mixture is dark red-brown with a beautiful show of lard.

It is eaten sliced alone or with various vegetables.

Pig ears
Pig snout
Porcine heart
Pig lungs
Pig blood
Fennel seeds
Natural gut: pig stomach

Collection of blood
Dry stomach
Grease removal
Scraping with a knife
Washing with warm water
Husking meat
Preparation of tanning
Boiled ears, nose, heart, lung and rind
Rough cut with a knife
Cut the bacon into small cubes
Transfer meat and lard in a mixer
Adding the tanning
Blend until smooth paste
Binding at the hands of end
Puncture with needle
Introduction in cold water
Cook for 2-3 hours
Extraction by heat
Accommodation on shelf
Affixing weight
Stop underweight for 24 hours.
05/01/2006 – Paolo Boni