Boccone al fungo porcino di Coreglia

Coreglia (Lucca), Tuscany

Boccone al fungo porcino di Coreglia – Photo & text ARSIA

1. Product Name:
Bite of the boletus Coreglia

2. Synonyms:
Salamino al fungo, bocconcino (The mushroom sausage, little bite)

3. Description of product:
It is a sausage stuffed into casings kid, made with only meat ham and small doses of salt and finely crumbled dried porcini mushrooms. It has a lingering taste, spiced with olfactory intensity of musk and woods. You generally enjoy all the organoleptic qualities after 20 days of ripening. The sizes vary from 150 to 200 grams.

4. Territory concerned to the production:
Ghivizzano and Pian di Coreglia

5. Production note:
at risk .

6. Description of processes:
The meat is minced ham, salted and then hand-blended with finely chopped mushrooms. The mixture is stuffed into casings kid and left to mature for 15-20 days.
7. Materials, equipment and premises used for the production:

8. Observations on the traditional, the uniformity of distribution over time and the Persistence of production rules:
It is a product that was once done to recover processing waste boletus that crumbled during the production of dried mushroom. In this salami find the taste and scent of the woods and the Garfagnana Valley Serchio.

9. Production:
There are two norcinerie producing this delicacy, one to the other in Pian di Ghivizzano Coreglia, both in the province of Lucca. Total production amounts to about 500 kg a year could potentially be achieved even if an output of almost 900 kg. The sale is primarily in the area, but also the rest of Tuscany in Italy. The main customers are restaurants, farms, shops and local wholesalers. To remember is the event Norcini Castle “which is held in spring at the castle of Ghivizzano, Coreglia Antelminelli (Lucca).