Bondiola & Bondiola affumicata

Polesine, Rovigo, Veneto


Agricultural practice in the lower Po valley, the Polesine, allows for an important pork production which is then used to fill various sausage skins, of which the most renowned is the bondiola, and specifically, the ‘bondiola affumicata’, the smoked version of the bondiola sausage, typical of the Lower Polesine and above all traditional in the Ariano, Taglio di Po and the Porto Tolle areas. The pork meat is minced coarsely, mixed with pepper and salt, stuffed into a pig’s vesica and hung up to dry. It is a dish to eat freshly cooked, having boiled it for four hours. The ‘bondiola’ is served as a main dish with mashed potato or cooked vegetables.