Bondiola di Adria

Adria, Rovigo, Veneto

Bondiola di Adria

The ‘bondiola di Adria’ could be confused with the ‘salama da sugo’ (the meat sauce sausage) from Ferrara but that the mixture is different; the salama sausage is made solely with pork while in the ‘bondiola d’Adria’, there, is minced lean veal together with pork rump and lard. The mixture is flavoured with salt, pepper and red wine and inserted into an ox intestine or pig’s vesica. Seasoning takes place over at least four months in well ventilated and fresh conditions. The ‘bondiola’ is cooked to the same specification as the sausage; a lengthy boiling (at least four hours) on a low heat, suspended in water without touching the sides of the pot. It is served cut into sections and presented on a bed of mashed potatoes or buttered vegetables.

The cuisine of Rovigo and its province is very delicious and genuine, somewhat simple owing to being confined to farm products with few specialities but open to various external provincial influences, in particular that of the area of Ferrara.

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