San Miniato (Pisa), Tuscany

Bonzola – Photo & text ARSIA

1. Product Name:

2. Synonyms:

3. Description of product:
The Bonzola looks like a small bag from a calf’s bladder inflated and dried in the sun, within which is contained in the virgin fat and meat from pork, minced coarsely, all flavored with spices and natural flavorings (garlic, pepper, catmint and thyme). The cream comes in a beautiful pink color punctuated by bits of meat and spices, the flavor is distinctive and typical of fresh bacon with spicy and aromatic notes, the palate is quite fat, savory sensations soft and enveloping with hints nutty.

4. Territory concerned to the production:
City of San Miniato.

5. Production note:

6. Description of processes:
The calf’s bladder is first washed with water, vinegar and salt, then inflated and dried for several days in the sun. Once dry, is filled with the mixture (lard, bacon and meat aromas dissolved at low temperature), and thereafter is placed to age for at least a month in suitable premises.

7. Materials, equipment and premises used for the production:
Bladder calf, virgin lard, beef bacon, spices and herbs. Facilities common butcher.

8. Observations on the traditional, the uniformity of distribution over time and the Persistence of production rules:
This product if they have certain information and documented by a butcher who since 1955 has commenced operations in the countryside of San Miniato. According to the old saying that the pig was not thrown away anything the Bonzola is another typical product of poor recovery was meant to reuse excess fat pigs produced by heavy period. It was this spice fat and store it in an envelope and then reuse as poor to very tasty meat sauce or frying (alternatively with extra virgin olive oil is more expensive).

9. Production:
There is only one butchery that historically produces Bonzola in San Miniato. On average, it produces 300 units per year, almost all sold directly in stores, only a small percentage is allocated to other local shops.