Bresaola di Cervo


Bresaola di Cervo – photo


Traditional salami produced during the hunting season from the finest cuts of leg or shoulder of the deer.

The cuts are isolated for 6-10 days immersed in brine flavored with pepper, juniper berries, rosemary, bay leaves and wine, placed in cotton or synthetic casing housing, jobs to dry and then cured for minimo15 days or up to 3 months.

The size of the Bresaola is used varies and depends on the cut, but is generally between 0.5 and 2 kilograms of weight.

Generally appears as cylinder or parallelepiped, more or less regular, wrapped in intestine, with or without ties, gray color.

Cut bresaola deer appears bright red, compact, with few veins due to deposits of fat and connective natural.

It can be eaten sliced as a starter or second.

Muscles of deer cuts of shoulder or thigh, Salt, Pepper, Rosemary, Laurel, Juniper berries, Flavors vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, Wine, Wrap cotton or synthetic collagen


– Cutting the muscle
– Trimming
– Preparation of spiced brine
– Stacking within vats of cuts in layers covered with tanning
– Stop at 4 ° C for 7-10 days with a turn and massage pieces of meat every 24-48 hours
– Bagging by Hand
– Hand Binding
– Drying at room temperature for 7-15 days
– Ripening at 12-14 ° C for 15-90 days (depending on size).

27/07/2006 – Guido Finazzi