Capicollo di Ricigliano

Ricigliano, Salerno, Campania

capicollo Ricigliano

The practice of packaging of sausage comes from the need to preserve the meat of pigs that are slaughtered just prior to Carnival. From this custom have developed a multitude of recipes for sausages, depending on the area and cuts used, and of course, by different modes of manufacture.

The capicollo of Ricigliano, in the province of Salerno, uses the upper portion of the neck muscles of pork shoulder and part of which, of course, the sausage is called, to which are added salt, spices and dried chili pepper powder .

The traditional production process, as witnessed by more than 25 years, provides after slaughter, the “aging”, ie an initial period of seasoning used to make the meat more tender. After the meat is washed with water and local wine, it starts to get flavor, and then processed with salt and spices.

Continue, then stuffed into casings to pigs approximately 12 cm in diameter and length of about 35, keeping it tied up with strings of vegetable fiber, then stakes, ie drill small holes all’insacco. You leave, then in fresh traditional, in which wood is smoked and then left to mature for a period ranging from 2 to 4 months.