Suino nero dei Nebrodi

Nebrodi, Sicilia

Suino nero dei Nebrodi – photo

Often Nebrodi forests (50,000 hectares of beech and oak largely within a national park) are surrounded by tall networks, just push them up against when a small herd of pigs rooting around, to understand why. In fact these animals – much more like wild boar is in the features and habits – have nothing to tame and domestic.

Small in size and dark coat (characteristic of pig breeds native Italian), Blacks Nebrodi pigs are bred in the semi-wild in wide areas and pasture, only in conjunction with the parties used the integration of food.

Frugal and strong, this race in recent years has significantly reduced the number of animals (currently they can presumably assess the presence of about 2,000 animals). Farmers have very small businesses and, in most cases, are also processors. Their products, however, rarely reaches the market intended mostly for home consumption or under small local exchanges.

The extinction of this breed swine (one of the few survivors in Italy) would be a great loss to the gene, but also and especially for the local economy and the gastronomic pleasure: Black Nebrodi, in fact, offers high meat quality.