Capocollo umbro


Capocollo umbro

Capocollo (in English-speaking countries also called capicolla, capicol, or cured coppa) is taken from the part of the pig that goes from the shoulder to the ribs. It is a hunk of meat without bone about 25cm (10 inches) long. Depending on the size of the pig it can be up to 15 cm (6 inches) in circumference. It should be salted in the same way and with the same quantities used for prosciutto. It should be left in the salt only 4 days, then it should be cleaned with the usual brush and hung in a fresh and ventilated room for 15 days.

After then it has to be washed with white wine, then left to dry for a day. Then take a sheet of packaging paper (white or yellow), put the capocollo on top of it, sprinkle with ground black pepper and ground coriander (cilantro seeds). This last ingredient gives it a particular aroma. Then wrap it in the paper, take a packaging string and tie it, first lengthwise, then around its circumference. It should then be hung in a fresh and ventilated room for about 50 days, and then it can be eaten.

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