Calabria, Basilicata, Apulia

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This product derives from a special section of the pig between the head and the neck, it’s therefore an entire piece, rightly salted and aromatized. It’s handly tied with cane sticks and let mature. It derives from pigs weighing 130/160 kg. approximately. The use of a modest quantitative of salt makes it sweet, well coloured, with the right fat presence. Gr. 850

The capocollo is the real Calabrian salami, for whose production the dry salted and boned upper part of the pork loin is used.

The D.O.P. trademark of the capocollo calabrese guarantees a production with only Calabrian pork and a hundred days long seasoning.


Capocollo is also characteristic of the southern pork butchers, and it is made in Apulia (Pugliese) and in Basilicata (Lucano). It also takes its name from the cut of the meat which is used, which goes from the shoulder to the upper part of the neck. It is elongated in shape, bright red in color and appears leaner than the coppa from the region of Emilia, to which it is, however, very similar. The flavor is determined by the quantity of pepper used. It is customary, after the salting, to cover it over with finely chopped chilli pepper.

It can be found on the serving plates of mixed, sliced, cold hams and salamis eaten as hors d’oeuvres.