Coppa Cotta Biellese

Biella, Piedmont

Coppa Cotta Biellese – Photo Regione Piemonte

Chopped, salted and tanned is a sausage made with meat of the head and rear parts of the pig: housing is the blind gut of cattle. Aged at least four months, is a very popular type of salami. Specialty of Biella and also Occimiano (AL), Varallo Sesia (VC) and Valsesia in general.Coppa cooked Biella is produced in the province of Biella.

It is a meat seasoned and cooked up by the neck muscles derived from the anatomical front and back of the half pig.

Has a size of 1.5 to 2.0 kg and a diameter of 10-12 cm.

Cut slices are pink.