Coppa di Parma IGP

Parma, Emilia

coppa di Parma

Raw sausages, cured for 4-6 months, cylindrical segments linked to 8-10.
Presents an irregular surface, gray-brown, furrowed by binding with string, a diameter of 17-20 cm, a length of 40-50 cm, an average weight of 2-2,3 kg.
When cut, shows the deep red lean and fat white in a sharp definition of anatomical parts.

Fresh meat of the neck muscles attach between the head and 5-6 ^ rib of bodice
Natural gut pig (bondeana)

Boning of meat
Screening of meat
Trimming Beef
Stop in refrigerator at 0 ° C for 24 hours
Preparation of the mixture of spices and salt
Salting the hands of individual cups
Stop in refrigerator at 2-4 ° C for 96 hours
Hand massage
Second Hand salting
Stop in refrigerator at 2-4 ° C 72-96 hours
Second hand massage
Tying with thin twine
Bagging in bondeana
Binding definitive, twine, hand
Drilling manual surface dell’insaccato
Stop at 2-4 ° C for 1-2 days
Transfer cell heated to 21-24 ° C until reaching 18-19 ° C which dell’insaccato
Gradual lowering of temperature from 19 to 14 ° C and RH increased from 60 to 80% in 5-6 days
Ripening at 13-14 ° C for 4-6 months
17/03/2006 – Paolo Boni