Coppa Umbra


Coppa Umbra – photo

The Coppa Umbra is a Pork sausage. A head cheese flavored with orange zest.

How to make coppa:

Take the head, scapulae, skin of the lard taking out as much fat as possible, other bones, in practice all that has not been used so far excluding the feet. Boil everything with salt in a very large pot (we used something that looked like a witch’s cauldron) with abundant water. As soon as it is cooked, take out all the meat from the bones, cut it fat in small pieces, add salt, pepper, nutmeg, orange and lemon finely ground peels. Then put it in a cloth bag (they can be found in stores in Italy, otherwinse you will have to make it with a white cloth sown on three sides). Once filled with the meat, the bag should be closed with a packaging wire on the open side, then put under a weight to get rid of all the fat in excess. The next day it is ready to eat.