Inland Lavagna and Chiavari (Val and Val Aveto Graveglia),Liguria

coppa – photo Salumificio Chiesa

curiosity: It is named for its spherical shape: in northern Italy shows a such a sausage is made with pork.

The coppa of the valley and Aveto Graveglia valley is distinguished by its sweet and delicate fragrance that is refined during the ripening stage.

Features: charcuterie, consisting of pork; cilidrica shape, slightly thinner at the ends, about 30 cm long with a diameter of about 10 cm.

Cut slices are red and parts marbled, white rose.

preparation: The dish is obtained from the muscles of the upper cervical region of the pig.

The process starts with dry salting using mixtures of salt, herbs and spices like pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. The mixture is placed in the gut (usually pig or parietal peritoneum of the right colon or beef) and tied. Then follows the drying phase after which occurs the appearance of the classic “bloom.” After you pass the season which lasts for a period ranging from three to six months from the date of the salting.