Cotechino cremonese vaniglia – a sweet cotechino

Cotechino cremonese vaniglia
Cotechino cremonese vaniglia – Photo R. Bertolassi – IZSLER ©

Cotechino Cremonese vaniglia is a typical product of the province of Cremona. It is a mixture of fat and lean meats, seasoned with red wine, sugar, salt, pepper, and spices. In the Mantuan area, there are even versions that actually contemplate the use of vanilla. In Cremona, this name is given, however, by the lesser use of fat and rind and by a short seasoning.

The cooking of the Cremona cotechino is long but simple. According to the old grandmothers’ method, keep it soaking overnight in a basin full of cold water, this softens the casing/bladder. The next day, insert 2 or 3 toothpicks in the various quadrants (where they will remain until the end of cooking) and place it in a pot with plenty of cold water.

Start the fire, slow; at the first boil, discard the water and replace it with other that is already hot. Put on the fire, always delicate. The cooking time is indicatively for at least 3 hours. Leave to cool in the cooking water. Serve hot with mashed potatoes and lentils.

It is very good heated the next day …

Lean pork sausage meat in the short season. Consume after cooking slowly for 5-6 hours in water wrapped in a cloth.

Appears as a cylinder of varying size and magnitude (on average 15-30 cm long and 3-6 cm in diameter), painted in the yellow, gray, and pale red color of the grain which is transparent through the casing.

Cut after baking, the dough is elastic and tender, with a tendency to ginning between components that are well separated and distinct.

Cotechino cremonese vaniglia: INGREDIENTS

Lean pork
Spolpatura head
Ground pepper
Spices and herbs (varies by manufacturer)
Sodium nitrate (E 252)
Sodium nitrite (E 250)
Natural bowel or bladder (right of pig or cattle)

Cotechino cremonese vaniglia: STAGES OF PROCESS

Husking meat
Grinding medium-fine grain
Preparation of tanning and soaking in wine
Adding the tanning
Thorough mixing of the dough
Bagging in bladder or bowel
Drying for 24 hours at 18-20 ° C
Maturation for 15-20 days at 14-16 ° C
17/03/2006 – Paolo Boni

Cremona, Lombardy

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