Cotechino di carni miste



Salami to consume cooked, consisting of lean cuts of horse meat or beef, with the possible addition of pork in varying percentages, pork fat, usually bacon or pancetta, pork rinds crushed grain mixed with media and then adding salt, pepper and other spices that varie from manufacturer to manufacturer.

The composition is generally one third lean, one third fat and one third of pork rinds but is sensitive to variations in individual producers.

The sausage is cylindrical, or spherical-oval, more rarely, tied with string in 4 or 8 wedges.

It has a diameter of 8-9 cm, a length of 30-40 cm and an average weight of each piece of 800-1000 grams

The surface appears smooth red-pink. The dough comes in white and red in the fat in the lean. It has a medium grain structure.

The consistency is sticky, spices and herbs are not obvious.

The product is aged for 1-3 days and then marketed.

Fresh or frozen meat of bovine or equine: various lean cuts (30-35%)
Fresh pork (if any): number of lean cuts (5-10%)
Fat pig: bacon or bacon (30-35%)
Pork rinds (30-35%)
Salt 2.5%
Flavorings: cinnamon, cloves, pepper, walnut, nutmeg, coriander, ginger
Additives: E 252 Potassium nitrate (bacteriostatic), ascorbic acid (antioxidant)
Other ingredients: wine
Pig intestine or alternatively bovine

Thawing of meat (if necessary)
Hand weeding of meat at a temperature of 6-10 ° C
Trimming beef
Stop the pieces so prepared in refrigerator at 0 ° C for 24 hours
Weighing meat flavorings to add to quantify
Transfer to hand in meat grinder
Grinding the meat with bacon and grill until medium 6-8 mm
Grinding of pigskin-grained (5 mm)
Transfer the mixture in hand kneading machine
Manual addition of flavorings previously weighed
Mechanical mixing for 3-5 minutes
Transfer to the bagging machine
Preparation of gut washing with vinegar and water rinse
Bagging Mechanical
Binding by hand with twine
Drilling Hand dell’insaccato surface to facilitate their drying
Drying at 24 ° C for 12-24 hours in the environment without humidity control
Transfer cell maturation in a controlled environment at 20-22 ° C for 2-3 days with 60-70% RH
12/10/2006 – Guido Finazzi