Culatello di Zibello DOP


culatello di Zibello – Azienda Dallatana

Are many historical references that attest to the ancient origin of Culatello Zibello and its dissemination among the people of Emilia Romagna in the areas close to the river Po Here, the combination of warm summer and autumn mists are key elements in the slow aging process that allows the Culatello to develop its characteristics of aroma and flavor.

Among the many famous men who have described in their writings the unmistakable taste of this meat are mentioned chronicler Bonaventura Angeli in his “History of the City of Parma”, and the historian Angelo Pezzana. But the most famous admirer of Zibello loin of pork was definitely the great Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi, known as the swan in Busseto, which, not surprisingly, is in the province of Parma and is one of the production of this fine sausage.

How to consume
Before consuming Culatello, you must first remove the string that covers and remove the bladder to facilitate this operation, if necessary, you can immerse in water for about an hour. Should then clean, rinse and brush under running water after it dries with a towel and, when necessary, always wrap for a few days in a cloth, previously moistened with white wine. Then you proceed to cut with a sharp knife to get thin slices. It is appreciated very well with the bread of the production area, with some butter, combined with a slightly sparkling white Malvasia or dry.

How to preserve
Conservation may be in the fridge, taking care to wrap the product in a cloth or to protect the exposed part with a cling film.

How to make
The leg is first defatted and decotennata and through cutting culatello is isolated. We then move to cropping: the femoral bone is removed along with excess fat, the remaining part, formed through a first ligation, is sprinkled with salt, massaged vigorously and then allowed to stand from one to six days. The salted meat is stuffed into a pig’s bladder and tied very tightly to prevent air pockets remain inside and give it the classic pear shape. After a draining period of one week, we pass drying, which requires one to two months.

Not being able to have a significant layer of fat outside culatello needs for its maturation, a very humid climate. Indeed, dehydration must proceed very slowly and the outside without drying too. As the seasoning should not be less than 12 months, the entire production cycle takes a total of at least 14 months. The average weight of a cured salted pork is 3-5 kg.

Source: ISMEA