Filetto baciato di Ponzone

Ponzone d’Acqui, Val Bormida, Acqui Terme (AL), Piedmont

Filetto baciato di Ponzone – Photo Regione Piemonte

Preparation technology.
The meat and fat (25 °%) pork is coarsely chopped and seasoned. Sull’impasto, lying on a patch of pig intestines, is placed above a pork fillet with salt and spices for at least a week. Rolls up everything, making sure that the thread remains at the center of the dough, and binds like other sausages. This is a product appreciated by local consumers for its delicacy.

a) Raw material: high-grade meat and fillet of locally reared pork.
b) Technological: salt, pepper, chopped garlic, nutmeg and wine.
c) Additives: saltpeter

A few days in a ventilated environment and warm.

Aging period.
More than three months.

Production area.
The town of origin is Ponzano d’Acqui in the Province of Alessandria, but also produces a Ponti, and all Val Bormida and Acqui Terme (AL).

Source: Atlas of typical Italian products, Insor, 1989-1995

The filetto baciato was invented and patented in the first half of the twentieth century by Romeo Malo of Ponzone d’Acqui.