Filetto e Filettone di Vairano Patenora

Vairano Patenora, Campania

filetto di Vairano

Vairano Patenora is the town in the province of Caserta best-known and famous for its gastronomy, strongly linked to local traditions. In the sixties Veronelli devoted large space in his stories about travel in the Italy of flavors, qualities and peculiarities of this salami, rooted in ancient traditions: only recently, however, these products are getting deserved recognition.

In the territory between Teano Vairano and is of very ancient farming tradition, a family of pig “Caserta” or “pelatello” so devoid of bristles, which finds its ideal setting in the woods and in thickets of oak trees that make up the typical agricultural landscape Mediterranean in Roman times was called saltus.

The filetto and filettone Vairano Patenora are produced by cutting pork tenderloin wrapped in natural icing. Whether the filetto for the filettone that substantially differ in size, the traditional method of preparation is very similar: the pig, properly ripened, it is converted into a regular thread well, kept intact its deposit of fat cover, is salted and spiced with herbs. It then stuffed into natural casings and left to dry, then staked and stored in lard or oil in traditional glass jars or earthenware.