Fiocchetto di Parma

Zibello (Parma), Emilia

Fiocco di Culatello – Salumificio Squisito

Territory concerned to the production

Province of Parma in particular in the typical production area of culatello Zibello.

Description of methods of processing and storage ripening

Is removed from the thigh culatello. From the remaining piece is being boned, muscle derived as is trimmed to give a round shape, the process of salting is the same as the salted pork is coated with bladder, bound, and ecc.asciugato place to mature. After culatello is the greatest example of the butchery. Preparation completely manual, the term salt is in cold storage, drying in an oven heated, maturing into cells that reproduce the exact microclimate conditioned cellars of “on time” with hardwood ecc.terra natural or terracotta tiles .

History found

After culatello is the greatest example of the butchery.

Instructions for use

As with almost all products of the butchery is excellent eaten fresh sliced.


Dry sparkling wine not too aromatic like Lambrusco and Malvasia.


The Fiocchetto should be stored in a cool place, but not in the refrigerator. To taste the Fiocchetto is necessary to remove the string and the bladder (if the bladder is too dry, you can immerse the Fiocchetto in lukewarm water for about an hour).

At this point you have to remove the transversal twine and brush the Fiocchetto under the running water so that it is cleaned , then dry it well with a cloth. If the Fiocchetto is too hard , wrap it in a cloth moistened with white wine and leave it wet for 2 or 3 days.

When you take out the Fiocchetto you have to remove the external impurities with a sharp knife and then slice thinly. You have to grease the cut part with butter or olive-oil, then you can wrap the Fiocchetto in a flax canvas.

Once that the Fiocchetto has been cut, you should consume it in a short time, to fully taste its distinctive organoleptic properties.