Fiocco di Daino


Photo © sissynene

The production of deer sausage, is focused in the town of Nocera Umbra, Foligno and a few kilometers above the Regional Natural Park, which is one of two areas where there are herds of deer in Italy (reserves are also present in Sardinia). From here comes the raw material with which they are made specialties: bow or deer filet (sirloin, boneless and defatted), morsels of deer (small sausage mixture to the end), cacciatorini deer (cured sausage) and ham deer (leg bone).

According to Bartolomeo Platina Sacchi said – in 1474 author of “De Honesta voluptati et valetudine” (like honest and health), synthesis of knowledge Gourmet in the second half of the fifteenth century – the deer, “animal of the species of goats’ and difficult to” tame “” has properties that resemble those of deer, its flesh is good food. “