Fiocco di prosciutto

Mugnano, Vallo di Lauro and Baiano (Avellino) Campania

Photo & text Regione Campania

In the province of Avellino, in the towns of Mugnano, Vallo di Lauro and Baiano, areas that have a great salami tradition, fiocco di prosciutto, also called culatello of Mugnano, is obtained from the leg of the pig.

It is a fumigated meat, with a shape that reminds of a pear; it’s small, between 10-15 cm of diameter and 15-20 cm long. Fiocco di prosciutto is derived from the muscle around the tight bone of the back legs of the pig, and it undergoes a long and precise transformation: after being butchered, the leg is ripened and the muscle removed, salted and made into sausage-shape with natural intestine and tied up.

The transformation proceeds with the pounding and drying that is performed in well-ventilated rooms; later, the meat is fumigated with oak or beech wood and left to age for about 40 days. Fiocco di prosciutto is a high quality meat and its preparation is almost a ritual: the quality of its meats, the artisan work, the long ageing and the delight of its taste, all make it a “special” product, and it is usually eaten only on special occasions