Fiocco e Fiocchetto

Valtellina, Lombardia

Fiocco e Fiocchtto

The heart of raw ham with harmonic bouquet and pleasant scent of a cured meat cellar. The ham is made from those selected pork legs that present the right percentage of fat.

The fiocco, or culatello, as it is named in Northern Italy, is, together with the ripened prosciutto, a pig product of remarkable value; it derives, similarly to prosciutto, from leg and has a ripening period of 12 months. On the contrary, the typical traditional prosciutto has a longer ripening period: 24 months and it’s usually obtained from ancient autochthonous genetic type (AAGT).

In the last years, consumer’s attention is increasingly orientated towards the rediscovery of some typical traditional productions obtained from AAGT.

From the heart of boneless pork leg, through a traditional, typical of Valtellina valley, you get a unique product, characterized by a maturing of about 6 months.

The taste makes it particularly sweet, pressed together to form, particularly suitable for cold cuts and counter sales, the product has the unique characteristic of virtually no difference.