Frankfurter Wurstel

Trentino Alto Adige

Frankfurter Wurstel

Frankfurter sausages (English Franks / Frankfurters, French Saucisse de Francfort, Wurstel Italian, Spanish Salchichas de Francfort) is a Brühwürstchen pork. The hot dog is already known since the 13th Century, 1749 was the first time a recipe printed in 1929 and is a source of protection.

Then frankfurters may only be designated as such and sold if the manufacturer produces in the economic and repackaging from Frankfurt.

Its distinctive flavor and semi-gloss sheen is replaced by the Frankfurter sausages by smoking. Previously, the frankfurters with parchment paper then packed in wooden boxes which gave them their original four-sided shape.

Frankfurters only in hot water heating not cooking. The best thing is the hot dog in lightly salted water to heat as it retains its flavor and thus does not add to the water. Frankfurter sausages can be enjoyed as a snack or as pure as a meal with potato salad. Similarly, Frankfurter sausages are often found as part of salads or as deposits of stews and soups.

The term “Frankfurt” was the way known only after a detour through a modification of Vienna. A butcher, who had been educated in Frankfurt, presented in Vienna forth like sausages. They were prepared from a mixture of pork and beef, and were called “Frankfurter”. That is why we call in North America and other countries and Austria, with “Frankfurter” variant of the Wiener sausage.

In Switzerland and Germany last sending is meant by the frankfurters smoked sausages from Frankfurt, while they call the sausages, which come from Vienna “Vienna sausages”. Because of these complex different names, there is often confusion of what is actually meant. So I hope the photos help the ingredients to something that you can distinguish what I mean.