Frisse e grive

Monferrato (Asti), Canavese (Turin), Piedmont

Frisse – Photo Regione Piemonte

Meatballs made of black liver, lung, various offal, fat and carnetta throat, mix and wrapped omentum. Then breaded with cornmeal to prevent sticking to each other. In some cases is the addition of raisins, or sugar, followed by a frying pan, once in lard or butter. Tradition spread throughout Piedmont, particularly in the Canavese and Langhe.The Frisse are produced in Monferrato (Asti) and Canavese (Turin), while Grive can be found in the Langhe (Cuneo).

They are also produced in other areas of the Piedmont with very different recipes and different names and are united by the use of pig offal.

Frisse and grives are basically dumplings made of various offal and pork, wrapped in the pig omentum.

Frisse have the size of a walnut and weighs about 50 g.

They contain, heart and tongue boiled, blanched liver paste, sausages and lean meat.

The Grive, slightly larger than an apricot, has a weight of 100 g and less elaborate and a mixture composed of lean meat, pork liver and brain.