Val Bormida, Liguria


Curiosity: The production of this type of offal was more than thirty years ago and has spread to almost all municipalities in the valley Bormida.

80% of production is on the local market outlet for the remaining 20% is marketing at regional level.

The distribution channel is the small traditional retail. The meat does not appear frequently on the tables and is always the protagonist of special moments such as marriage or the birth of children present in the celebrations as Christmas or Easter, or harvest the day of the Patron Saint.

But the real party has always been traditionally conditioned by the killing of the pig: the whole family meets to give a hand in the bag of meat. The need to consume in the short term perishable offal has stimulated rural fantasy. This is the case of jokes or Grive, spicy offal encased omentum where the precious pepper replace the juniper berries, farmers substitute a product too expensive at the time, remembers that at least in form. Another traditional recipe from Val Bormida and on the particular time is the killing of the pig liver in garlic sauce.

The production of offal is not characteristic of a specific location but is widespread in almost all municipalities in the inland valley Bormida and Savona.

Features: Offal of liver and pork sausage with the addition of juniper berries.

Preparation: chopped liver, pork, sausage and add the juniper berries.

It is all in the icing bag of pork and bonding balls 50 g each. Can be heated in a water bath, baked or fried on the plate. Conservation 3 to 4 days. No seasoning. For its preparation requires meat grinder, knife, sausage, work desk with marble or steel