Gambetto di maiale

Calice al Cornoviglio (La Spezia), Liguria

Gambetto di maiale – Photo Ligurity

Features: Special bagged obtained from processing the leg of ham. It has a triangular shape, with dimensions of 30 x 30 cm. The perfect match is with chestnut or with boiled vegetables. The “cuff” was prepared in the early ‘900. On the high calices was a dish enjoyed by laborers because nutritious and rich in calories: the period of killing pigs in fact coincided with the beginning of working the land.

Preparation: Ingredients: leg of pork skin, filled with a mix strictly using only parts of pork head meat, retina, blood, salt, pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg. Preparation: After killing the pig, the blood is collected and put into suitable container. Peels her paw and cleans impurities from the retina.

It prepares the dough by grinding the flesh of the head and mixing together all ingredients. It binds the skin of the leg triangle with twine for making sausages, leaving a small opening, then closed properly, where the dough is placed. It is cooked in copper pot on a wood fire for about three hours. At this point the “cuff” hangs in the basement and can be consumed within thirty days.