Gigante nera d’Italia

Val di Vara, (La Spezia), Liguria

Gigante nera d’Italia – Photo Fondazione Slow Food

curiosity: the chicken is traditionally present on our tables in the holidays, it’s flat on Sunday, is the ubiquitous dish of the day of the saints to avoid misfortunes Christmas, as required, and suggests a local proverb: “Saints Christmas meschinetto mouth sensation.”

Features: Giant Black race was selected in Liguria since 1929, specifically for the characteristics of this region. Reaching the remarkable weight of 4 pounds, is ranked among the heavy breeds. It’s distinguishable by its black plumage of the elegant green tint.

breeding: the giant black, like all breeds of “heavy”, as has the characteristic of being sedentary and therefore with little aptitude for grazing. The chicken farm is an ancient practice that is lost in the mists of time.

The chickens were easily integrated farm as needed little care and compensation provided products such as meat, eggs and, not least, the manure, by-so dear to the fertilized soil. The type of farming was so extensive, connected to the earth, and the production was consumed by the people of the peasant family as well as to make “gifts” to their masters: it began with the first day of Lent, which gave the chicken to finish Christmas with the capon.

Recipe: Chicken Genovese [ä zeneise chicken] Ingredients: Chicken, extra virgin olive oil, 3 cloves of garlic, a tablespoon of flour, white vinegar, salt, herbs, bay leaf, lemon, capers, mushrooms under ‘ oil. Preparation: Boil the chicken and cut into small pieces. Sauté in a little oil cloves crushed garlic, add flour, a dash of vinegar and a broth to obtain a fairly thick sauce. A pinch of flavor more?: Add 2 amaretti into the sauce. Now add salt, herbs and bay leaf. Boil for 15 minutes until everything is well blended, passing through a colander and then pour over the chicken. Serve hot accompanied by plenty of lemon juice, capers and mushrooms or other vegetables in vinegar or oil.