Greppole are made from pork fat which is melted, fried and then flavored.


Their crunchiness depends on how long they are cooked for. Greppole are made from the remainders when the pig fatty tissue is melted (pancetta or underskin fat), then fried, salted and flavoured with rosemary, bay leaves and pepper.

Production area

Also called ciccioli frolli, sfrizzoli and lardinzi, Greppole are a traditional product throughout Lombardy, even if more widespread in the Mantua area.

Production mehods

The fatty tissue of the pig is hand-cut, steam-heated with melted lard for about 2-4 hours at 130-135°C. Afterwards it is pressed, salted, flavoured and broken up by hand or poured into moulds of different shapes and sizes. The product is best consumed fresh and in any case no longer than 2 months after production. Double-bottom copper tanks are used for producing greppole, heated by steam.

Organoleptic characteristics

Gold to dark brown in color, they have a crunchy consistency.

How to consume it

Greppole can be eaten at the end of a meal or as a snack.