Guanciale – Photo & Text Arsia Toscana

1. Product Name:
Guanciale (Pillow)

2. Synonyms:

3. Description of product:
It has a rounded shape and size on approximately 500 grams.

4. Territory concerned to the production:
Is produced, with some variations, throughout Tuscany, in particular in the provinces of Siena and Lucca.

5. Production note:

6. Description of processes:
After trimming, the parties (cheeks) are placed on wooden planks and then add salt and pepper. For the season, the pillow is hung in suitable housing. Occurs from September to June.

7. Materials, equipment and premises used for the production:
s Cutting tools
s Wood Assi
s Local seasoning

8. Observations on the traditional, the uniformity of distribution over time and the Persistence of production rules:
The traditional character is related to the particular transformation technique. It is eaten as an appetizer, paired with red wine and Tuscan bread.

9. Production:
This affects many of the homemade sausage and Tuscan salami shops, but it was not possible to estimate the quantity produced.