Lardo Trentino


Lardo Trentino

Traditional sausage product throughout the province.

There is a variable maturing, even according to size, from a minimum of 20 days to several months.

It comes in pieces of varying size and weight, usually square of thickness greater than 3 cm, pinkish-white uniform, without spots or streaks, covered with rind on one side.

There are three different traditional flavors: salted, aromatized, and smoked, to be found at the best local artisan workshops.

Up until a few decades ago (as may well be up to today in some remote mountainous area), lard was produced for family use. In order to preserve the lard from getting rancid it was heavily pounded, seasoned and preserved tightly packed, avoiding air bubbles, in terracotta containers. In this way the lard could be kept for an entire year. It was used for cooking as well as for spreading on bread or with ‘polenta’.

Lard from pork or pork back
Spices of variable composition from manufacturer to manufacturer
Additives: E 250 Sodium nitrite

Weeding and trimming the fat
Preparation of tanning
Manual Dry salting
Storage at overlapping pieces sprinkled with tanning within airtight containers
Stop at 4 ° C for at least 10 days with regular turning over of parts
Extraction and stay at room temperature until dry
Maturing at cellar temperature or in refrigerator for at least 20 days
AUTHOR (in part)
06/02/2006 – Guido Finazzi