Luganega della Valle dei Mocheni

Valle dei Mocheni, Pergine, Trento, Trentino

Luganega della Valle dei Mocheni

Preparation technology.
The first choice of pork (leg, shoulder and part of the chops) are ground with a variable percentage of donkey meat, seasoned and stuffed in natural casings.

a) Raw material: pig meat reared locally, more of an ass, always farmed locally. Sometimes, but very rarely, use a small percentage of beef.
b) Technological: salt (2,7-3%), pepper, garlic (chopped or powdered or macerated in white wine).
c) Additives: saltpeter

In place at constant temperature (6-8 °) for a few days.

Aging period.
A month is sufficient, but may mature up to four months.

Production area.
Valley Mocheni Pergine and in the province of Trento.

Source: Atlas of typical Italian products, Insor, 1989-1995