Luganega di Treviso

Treviso, Veneto

Luganega di Treviso

Tradition states that “sausage Treviso white rice is wrapped with the bacon, fresh lean pork, minced fine grain and drugged, stuffed into a pig intestines, strangled with a ligature every 8-10 cm in rock, known in dialect “Morelli” in a single strand; doped with salt, pepper, and the famous “doses” of Treviso in the ratio of maximum of 4 grams per kilo of minced meat, no preservatives, no seasoning.

The name “luganega” is the translation of the Venetian “luganega” of ancient Lucania, which made great use. The sausage, which is the sausage, is eaten fresh, cooked normally.

In Treviso luganeghe known since the Middle Ages, were traditionally wrapped in two versions: the white “rice” and the one “to roast” that is skinny. Those “rice” and those were very sensitive “to roast” prepared for the 60% without the bacon rind and the remaining lean meat of pig and “dosa”.

There was a tradition to prepare, with the sausage with rice, soup of rice in broth to which the sausage yielded all its flavors and scents, the medieval version has now been dropped as it prevailed in restaurants use to prepare the same dish risotto, even in semi-liquid version, at ‘the wave” with chopped sausage. The two versions of soup to be trimmed, always with a sausage, boiled separately in each bowl.

Courtesy of Regione Veneto