Marche, Toscana, Umbria

Mazzafegato – on sale at Reginaldo Sentinelli Srl

The mazzafegato.

The mazzafegato is a fresh or seasoned sausage (no more than 2 months) based on tailings of pork consumption shows a dark red, pungent and spicy flavor.

Typical shape of the sausage, tied with string in many sausages about 10 cm long and about 3 cm in diameter.
The history of mazzafegati

Also known by the name of mad sausage or “kills the liver”.

Everyone who likes strong tastes will enjoy this dish. Mazzafegato is a sausage based on pork meat and liver, with a dark colour and an intense flavour. There are two versions, sweet and savoury. The mix is composed of three parts of second and third quality meat, usually used for sausage wrappers, and of one part chopped liver. The difference between the sweet and savoury versions is in the seasoning: salt, pepper, pine nuts, raisins and orange peel in the sweet version; salt, pepper and pine nuts in the savoury one. The mixture is stuffed into the natural skin, which is tied off in sections with thin string to form sausages of the desired length. Then it is dried for several days in controlled heat and ventilation. It can be eaten fresh, or usually, seasoned for a couple of months. If the environment where the sausages are maturing is sufficiently humid and cool, they can be eaten up to six or seven months later.

The production area

The production area comprises the whole territory of Marche, Tuscany and Umbria.

The combinations of mazzafegato

It is often served as an appetizer accompanied by a structured wine.