Canavese (Turin), in Valsesia (Vercelli), Val d’Ossola (Verbania), Piedmont

Mocetta – Photo Regione Piemonte

Dried beef, meat and kept dry (sometimes) smoked, often flavored with juniper berries, bay and mountain herbs. Once the dried beef for excellence was the tongue of the ibex or chamois, today is mostly a piece of goat or calf. Hard, must be cut very thin (you need as a starter), the mountaineers cut it into pieces and chewed long accompanied by brandy.

The Mocetta is produced in the Canavese (Turin), in Valsesia (Vercelli), Val d’Ossola (Verbania) and, generally, in the Alps, mainly in autumn. Typical of Valle d’Aosta, is also made in neighboring areas. Lanzo; Chialamberto (TO); Torre Pellice (TO); Ossola. A Canove (CN) may also find the “matured in wood.

Is obtained from the thigh, shoulder or other cut of chamois, of cattle, sheep or goat.

The meat, marinated in wine with added spices, is then salted and cured.

Generally, the surface shows a grayish color, and cut the flesh is dark red or brown.

The aroma is delicate.