Campotosto, Abruzzo

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These small mortadellas are commonly called Coglioni di Mulo (“Mule’s Balls”). They are, of course, made of pork, the mule only being part of the image. It is a fine-grained salami of choice meat with a square column of lard in the center. According to some of its admirers, the tri-color composition (the white lard, the red meat and the black pepper) has greatly contributed to the commercial success of the product, whose fame has long spread past the borders of the region.

Salami typical of the town of Campotosto (AQ), Also called “mule’s balls”, were born on the shores of Lake Campotosto within the National Park of Gran Sasso, Abruzzi from farming families. It has an oval-grained with a central strip of pork fat.

In the preparation using a special technique that includes the very fine grinding of the meat, seasoning of salt, pepper and white wine, the dough for at least 24 hours in a container, stirring often with an infusion of cloves and cinnamon.

The bagging is done by hand sewing the casing around the dough. At the bottom of salami is affixed tralcetto that registers the string during the relaxation due to aging.

Ovoid, tied in pairs, with a hand knotted twine are produced with the same traditions of the past. Are prepared by the careful choice of lean pork, minced fine-grained salt, pepper and spices from a secret blend of tanning that is handed down for generations. This particular sausage is embellished with a heart of grease that smooths the unmistakable taste. The secret is the stick stuck in the bottom of the binding that is tightened as you go through the season.