Mortadella di fegato cruda


Mortadella di fegato cruda – Photo Regione Piemonte

Mortadella of liver (also: Mortadella Orta). Dough-grained pork liver with pork or beef fat chin and spices (salt, saltpeter, cinnamon, pepper, sugar). Some seasoned with mulled Barbera, others with white wine. It has bagged or donut-shaped bladder of the same pig. Is aged a few months. It weighs about a pound (remember the “sausage” of Ferrara). Cooked two hours, is usually eaten with mashed potatoes. You can eat it also cold. There are also versions smoked. Locally is also called fidighin. Gattico (NO); Gozzano (NO), Orta (NO) Arona (NO); Caltignaga (NO); Oleggio Castello (NO), Domodossola (VB).Mortadella of raw liver, or fidighina is produced in the provinces of Novara and Vercelli, particularly in hilly areas of low Valsesia.

It is a sausage sized around 200 grams, contains, in addition to meat and pork fat, the liver.

The amount of liver this affects the color, which may be more or less dark red and spicy flavor becomes more or less intense.

It is eaten raw after maturation.