Mortadella di fegato


Mortadella di fegato – photo

Preparation technology.
Pork liver, along with scraps of trimmed lean hard parts and the bacon is seasoned flavored with red wine (preferably Barbera), finely ground and stuffed into animal intestines or bladder.

a) Raw material: lean pork, fat-bodied, pig liver.
b) Technological: salt, herbs, spices and pepper, filtered in red wine.
e) Additives: saltpeter.

In the kitchen for three to four days.

Aging period.
Thirty or forty days in the cellar. After this period, if not consumed immediately, the mortadella is stored in clay containers known as “earthen” green marbled coffee-colored outside and inside, under the melted suet that keeps them soft.

Production area.
The most important production centers are Salice Terme Sabbioneta Lomazzo, Lurate Caccivio, in the province of Pavia, Mantua and Como. The fact that the sausage is in scattered locations, can be attributed to the movement of private farmers, butchers or wandering, or other similar reasons.

Source: Atlas of typical Italian products, Insor, 1989-1995