Mortadella Umbra


Mortadella Umbra


best be served with bread, vegetables, beans or mashed potatoes, goes well with white wine, fresh, young, medium body.

Mortadella Umbra is a salami, characterized by a particularly fine dough. For its production, it takes pork, lean and first choice, and hard fat that are broken thoroughly. The compound obtained is tanned with salt and pepper, a lard hard is added and finally stuffed into natural casing, properly drilled. At the end of processing, Mortadella Umbra is pressed to acquire the compact form and assume the characteristic shape of the box. A period of drying, which occurs in warm and ventilated and lasts for several days, and then curing in a wet and cool for a period of about five months.

When cut the Mortadella Umbrian is recognized for its distinctive white lard, placed at the center of the sausage, which stands on a red-pink dough, the slices are compact and elastic consistency, the flavor is delicately aromatic with flavors of fresh meat; The flavor is pleasantly tangy and sweet, with hints of spice due to the presence of the pepper.