Mortadellina Amatriciana

Amatrice, Lazio

Mortadellina Amatriciana

Typical product of Amatrice area, on the border between Lazio and Abruzzo: it is the same sausage that is produced in a manner quite similar even in Poggio Cancelli and Campotosto in the province of Aquila.

This is a fine-grained salami meat choice, which is inserted in the center of a square stick of lard that makes it unmistakable.

Interestingly, processing, custom to join mortadellina just double packed in bunches tied with twine kept taut by special handcrafted wooden keys.

The seasoning is in two phases: the first front of the fireplace, which gives the product a light smoke, and the second air, for a total period of two to three months.

The color of mortadellina is pink-violet, the rounded, somewhat sweet flavor.