Mortandela affumicata della Valle di Non

Val di Non, Trentino

Photo Prov. Autonoma di Trento

Traditional product of ancient tradition of the Val di Non in the province of Trento, consists of a meatball of minced pure pork, seasoned, smoked and cured for a short period (one week).

Mortandela is consumed raw or cooked.

They appear as round balls, flattened, irregular in shape and size, usually weighing about 200 grams.

It features a brick red color that shows a smooth dough cut, bound, consisting of meat medium-grained red with evidence of grain white chopped fat.

Trimmings and chopped lean cuts of pork
Throat fever
Pig heart
Pig lungs
Spices of variable composition from manufacturer to manufacturer

Coarsely chopped meat, organs and fat
Adding herbs and spices and sugar
Blend until smooth paste
Training ball with his hands crushed
Compression of the dough by hand ball
Positioning in the refrigerator on boards covered with buckwheat flour
Stop in the refrigerator for 12 hours
Smoke at 25 ° C for 6 hours
Manual rotation of meatballs
Smoke at 25 ° C for 6 hours
Ripening at 12-14 ° C for seven days
06/02/2006 – Guido Finazzi

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