Mortandela della Valsugana

Valsugana, Trentino

Mortandela della Valsugana – Photo Prov. Autonoma di Trento

Traditional Valsugana product of ancient traditions, consists of a meatball of minced pure pork, seasoned, and generally consumed fresh a few days after production.

They appear as round balls, flattened, irregular in shape and size, usually weighing about 200 grams.

It features a brick red color that shows a smooth dough cut, bound, consisting of meat medium-fine grain, dark red with evidence of grain white chopped fat.

Trimmings and chopped lean cuts of pork
Cuts of pork fat: chin, cheek
Language pig
Pig liver
Spices of variable composition from manufacturer to manufacturer
Red or white wine
Housing: pig mesentery

Husking of meat and offal
Grinding fine-grained (5-6) of meat, organs and fatty cuts
Add spices and herbs and wine
Mix by hand until smooth paste
Training ball with his hands crushed
Compression of the dough by hand ball
Winding of balls and pieces of well-washed pig mesentery
Positioning in the refrigerator on boards covered with corn meal
Keep in a refrigerator at 1-5 ° C for 12 hours
06/02/2006 – Guido Finazzi