Mostardella – Photo

production area: Entire country hinterland Genovese.

curiosity: Using parts unfit even to create the Genoa salami and its hinterland is produced mostardella typical salami poor. Nerves, small portions of meat attached to bone and fat form the mixture of this meat that is associated with wine. It looks like a cool cacciatorino by dark red.

It was once common practice in the area, which the aspiring groom wore a girl’s parents mostardella if, after the customary pleasantries and investigations by the father of the bride, was cut salami marriage was allowed.

During the winter months when not working in the fields the farmers found seasonal work at the butchers them pay with a pound and a half mostardella and a pound a week.

It is best if eaten cut a bit ‘thick on slices of hot bread, or as an addition dadetti soups.

The recurrent use of bacon as a condiment argues for a widespread breeding pigs in Polcevera valley, at least until 1500, a period in which took place the spread of the olive.

However, both the pig herd that were charged to meet and exceed the internal needs of the family.

Features: The Mostardella, sausage of pork and beef raw, is made to use all the scraps of pork and beef, discarded during the processing of sausages. It is consumed fresh sliced, spread on bread or cooked in a pan.

Preparation: To the pork and beef, and in generally equivalent, joins about 30% fat pig soft, season with salt, pepper and herbs. Then stuffed into natural casings.