Traditional raw, cured pork meat made from September to March in the whole regional territory of Friuli Venice Julia.
Cylindrical shape, tied with string to form 4 to 8 segments, must be cooked before eaten.
The product is 8 – 9 cm in diameter, 20 – 40 cm in length, and its average weight ranges from 600 – 1000 grams.
The surface appears plain, and red in color.
When cut the meat shows the white fat, and vivid red lean meat, with a medium-fine grained structure.
The consistency is sticky and the spices are non evident.
The product is aged a few days and then sold.


Pork meat: head flesh, and other less valuable cuts (shin)
Spices: cinnamon, pepper, cloves, coriander
Additives: E 252 Potassium Nitrate (bacteriostatic), Ascorbic acid
White wine
Marsala wine
Pig casing


Select and trim the meat by hand
Weigh the meats to quantify the spices needed
Prepare the spice mixture (mix salt and others spices with white wine and marsala wine
Manually transfer the meat cuts to a grinder
Grind to a 6 mm grained size
Manually transfer the skins to a grinder
Grind the skins to a 5 mm grained size
Manually transfer to a mechanical mixer
Manually add the spices and the additives previously weight
Mechanically mix for 3 – 5 minutes
Transfer to an encasing machine
Prepare the casing after washing it with vinegar and rinsing it with water
Mechanically encase
Tie by hand with string
Pierce by hand the surface to allow the salami to dry easily
Dry at 24 °C for 12 hours in a not controlled humidity room
Age in cellar for few days


12/13/2005 – Sozzi Alessandro